An exceptional fireball appeared on 2016 March 6 at 21h36m51s UT above Austria and ended 5.5 seconds later above the German- Austrian border. A detailed article can be read in the article “New meteorite fall observed in detail by Czech fireball cameras

A search for meteorites took place on March 12 and was successful and a sample was identified as an ordinary chondrite (LL6). At the moment the meteorite is called Stubenberg (not yet official).

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Figure 1 – Fireball photographed from Gahberg Observatory. (Photo Apa).


Figure 2 – fireball of March 6 obtained by the automatic digital all-sky fireball camera at the station of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Kocelovice (photo: ASÚ AV ČR).


Figure 3 – Finding of the meteorite on 2016 March 12 at Stubenberg, Germany. (photo: Hermann Koberger, Dieter Heinlein).