Prof. Abderrahmane Ibhi has documented the meteorite collection of Ibn Zohr exhibited at the “Musée Universitaire de météorites” in his new “Catalogue de Météorites” (Catalogue of meteorites). This museum is the first with exposure over entire Africa and the Arab world. Each piece of the collection is precisely identified with its name, location, GPS coordinates, its classification, its weight and the number of fragments, including a detailed photograph prepared at the University Ibn Zohr.

This new catalogue is a scientific inventory of the meteorites found in Morocco and is of particular value to collectors, traders, students and Moroccan meteorite hunters. This publication will also inspire the reader to learn more about shooting stars and meteor astronomy in general. This work is written in French and it is dedicated to newbies as well as specialists.

Copies can be order from the author: a.ibhi – at – (replace  – at –  by @).

Cover of the catalogue of meteorites.

Figure 1 – Cover of the catalogue of meteorites published by Prof. A. Ibhi at the opening of the new museum of Moroccan meteorites at the University Ibn Zohr.