A comet discovered on 22 January 2016 (P/2016 BA14) is supposed to be a fragment from another comet that was discovered on 7 April 2000 (252P/LINEAR) since both move on very similar orbits. Both comets will pass close to the Earth orbit: 252P/LINEAR on 21 March 2016 followed by P/2016 BA14 the next day. There is a small chance for a new meteor shower on 20 March 2016 with a radiant at R.A. = 82°, Decl. = -39° with a velocity of 14.1 km/s, associated with P/2016 BA14, and on 28-29 March, from a radiant at R.A. = 77° and decl. = -16° with a very low velocity of 11,1 km/s, this time associated with 252P/LINEAR. Meteor activity from these sources is very unlikely in these circumstances, but it is always recommended to be alert.

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