Nikita Kulanov reports about a fireball over Russia, brighter than the Full Moon captured by the URSA network in Finland as well as from Russia and Sweden. A little before dusk, the sky lit up and lightened the landscape in blue light for a moment: a spectacular fireball appeared! Esko Lyytinen calculated that the fireball entered into the atmosphere at about 90 km at a speed of 20,6 km/s at a very steep angle of 80°. The initial mass should have been in the order of 5 to 50kg and any fragments that dropped to the Earth surface probably felt into the water of a lake. The brightest flash occurred at 27.6 km and the body was destroyed at an elevation of 22.7 km. The event was also recorded from Sweden, as far as about 700 km. The origin was sporadic.

Read more about this event at the original publication by Nikita Kulanov: (translation in many languages with Google translate on site).