The CMOR radar map today (28 April) already marks a distinct activity from the Eta Aquariids radiant. This shower of swift meteors (66 km/s) is associated with the famous comet 1P/Halley (also parent of the October Orionids) and can be best observed from southern latitudes. Meteor observers at the northern hemisphere can observe Eta Aquariids in the last hours of the night before dawn. Maximum activity is expected around 5 May but the stream structure may produce some submaxima. In 2013 this stream surprised observers with ZHR’s up to 60-80, twice as much as normal. With New Moon on 6 May, this shower deserves definitely attention from all meteor workers around. The radiant position on May 5 is at R.A. 338° and decl. -1°.

Clear skies and good luck!