On May 22, a fireball was captured by IMTN video stations (Italian Meteor and TLE Network) Ferrara, Tortoreto (TE) and Chianti (SI), respectively operated by Ferruccio Zanotti, Diego Valeri and Roberto Manganelli.


The Fireball from Ferrara Station went through a stretch of sky about 30 degrees above the horizon about 25 °, an apparent maximum magnitude of about -7 with duration of 2,72s and expressed an interesting flare. Visual testimonies bring a green color.


Also captured from Croatian Meteor Network station Duino (close to Trieste), Italy, camera operater Mark Sylvester:


And from Pula ( Croatia ):



Preliminary trajectory ( ITA.FIR v.8 )

Height above sea level of start point = 103.01 km
Height above sea level of end point = 51.02 km
Mean inclination above Earth surface = 29.95°
Mean Azimut (N -> E) = 167.97°
Mean geocentric velocity = 34.7 km/s

Preliminary Orbital Elements (2000):

Semi-major axis = 1.995 UA
Eccentricity = 0.883
Inclination = 11.81°
Longitude of the ascending node = 62.07°
Argument of the perihelion = 309.78°
Perihelion distance = 0.234 UA
Aphelion distance = 3.755 UA