Greetings again all,
    Seems like our Bermuda High “line of defense” may be breaking down a bit here in North Florida as I tried to put in 90 minutes observing from Butler Beach last night before moonrise, but clouds interfered badly…:o(.  Somehow, I still managed to come away with fairly good numbers though, as the sky was crystal clear through gaps in the ragged, cottony, altocumulus cloud banks passing through.
Here’s what I had (just one hour observing possible):
Observed for radiants:
CAP – alpha Capricornids
JPE – July Pegasids
ANT – Anthelions
PER – Perseids
SDA: South delta Aquariids
PAU – Piscids Austrinids
GDR – July gamma Draconids
BPE – beta Perseids
July 25/26 2016, observer: Paul Jones, Location: Butler Beach, Florida (about three miles south of St. Augustine, Beach, Florida), Lat: 29.79 N, Long: 81.26 W., LM: 6.5, 35% cloud interference, Facing: east
2300 – 0000 EDT (0300 – 0400 UT), Teff: 1.0 hour, No breaks
3 ANT: +3, +4(2)
1 CAP: +4
1 SDA: +3
1 GDR: +1
 6 SPO: +3(2). +4(2), +5(2)
12 total meteors
3 of the 12 meteors (the GDR, an ANT and the SDA) left trains. No meteor colors were seen.
        I sort of felt like I was impersonating a CAMS unit for awhile there last night: that is, trying to pick off meteors from around the edges of the clouds!   And I actually did in a couple of cases.  The SDA was seen out over the ocean through just such a gap.  About twenty minutes of the hour were like this – and I thought several times about leaving, but persisted.
        Finally, the clouds worked through my area and soon came my reward for perseverance: a beauty of a +1 GDR tracking south from the tail of Aquila dropping down into Sagittarius.  It was long and slow and looked just like an “anti-CAP”, similar speed and characteristics, just going in the opposite direction…;o).  It tracked back right to the radiant near the Head of Draco (about 5 degrees east of Eltanin, delta Draconis).  Positive ID on that puppy, for sure…;o)!
        Soon after, the clouds began to return and with moonrise imminent, I decided to pack it up.  I was pleased though, I had gotten my prize – the GDR.  Now, its back to finger-crossing for clear skies in the nights ahead.  Will advise…
Clear skies all, Paul J in North Florida