The first impressions of the 11-12 August Perseids are being shared via Facebook. We give here some citations from observers who were lucky to watch the 11-12 August Perseid activity:

Koen Miskotte: “Brilliant perseid outburst. 15 fireballs between -4 and -8. 3 X -8. Two peaks around 23h15m and possibly at 2h15m UT. Observed about 600-900 meteors. I don’t know. Maybe more….  We had unexpected very clear weather with lm up to 6.8. Man man man what a show. The best one since 2001…..”

Casper ter Kuile:Perhaps we did not observe such a nice fireball show but activity was much higher than expected. The first peak we acknowledge but as the radiant was quite low at the sky on La Palma this was not well defined. The second was much more obvious but if we can narrow it to 02h15m UT. But this is all very preliminary. ”

Martin Popek posted impressive pictures on In his comment:  “Over a thousand by a meteor, clear bolides and multiple when the camera caught per seconds 2-6 meteors.

Image from Martin Popek

Mariusz Wisniewski posted on Facebook: “Perseids! Within minutes I could see even 7 meteors! We have seen very many bright meteors. There were also several spectacular cases. For example, this time from 1:58 which is slightly weaker from glitter bright moon the whole box!”

Jure Atanackov: “Huuuge Perseid outburst observed!!! Rates the best since Leonid storm in 2002!!! Wow!!!!!

Karl Antier: “Perseids were sometimes even more active than the last outburst I observed, the 2011 Draconids!”

Japanese radio observers have this activity profile online:

From Radio Meteor Observatory’s On Line


CMOR radiant concentrations at 2016 Aug. 12 8h UT.