In good agreement with a prediction by E. Lyytinen , several video- and radio networks all over the world detected activity of the October Camelopardalid meteor shower ( (281 ) OCT ) on the 5th of October 2016, centered at ~ 14:45 UT .

CAMS BeNeLux captured four members of this stream in the early evening.

Stations in the most eastern parts of the BeNeLux captured the first OCT at 17:48:57 UT (Martin Breukers / Hengelo and Carl Johannink / Gronau).

The last OCT was captured at 22:01:03 UT by  Robert Haas, Martin Breukers, Klaas Jobse and Paul Roggemans. .

Median geocentric radiant position and mean orbital elements of these four OCT meteors  are in good agreement with values given by P. Jenniskens in CBET 4329.

This is another example that even in areas with only moderate climate conditions over the year, CAMS can provide valuable results.



CAMS 321 Hengelo 2016 Oct 05 17h48m57.49s UT (Martin breukers)



CAMS 391 Mechelen 2016 Oct. 05 18h55m18.59s UT (Luc Gobin)



CAMS 365 Alphen a/d Rijn, 2016 Oct. 05 22h01m02.78s UT (Robert Haas)



CAMS 389 Mechelen 2016 Oct. 05 22h01m02.78s UT (Paul Roggemans)