Fireball atmospheric trajectory over Portugal

A long and slow trail meteor with an absolute magnitude estimated over -5 (fireball), captured on 25th October under high clouds condition by five PMN (Portuguese Meteor Network) systems; TEMPLAR1, TEMPLAR2 and TEMPLAR4, RO2 and RO3.


TEMPLAR2 summed image (near Tomar).


RO3 summed image (near Lisbon).


RO2 summed image (near Lisbon).


TEMPLAR4 summed image (near Tomar).


TEMPLAR1 (incomplete) summed image (near Tomar) with meteor leaving the field.

Rui Gonçalves calculated its trajectory, velocity and estimate the initial mass. It was detected from 69.0 km to 54.0 km with an initial velocity of 14.0 km/s, remaining almost constant. Estimated photometric mass is over 250 g.