CAMS BeNeLux Orionids 2016 : one successful night

Nearly all participants in the CAMS BeNeLux network had clear skies during the night October 22/23.

More than 300 meteors were captured simultaneously that night.

Besides the well-known Taurids, Orionids and Leo Minorids, we observed some other minor showers (see figure 1).


Figure 1: Plot with all the radiants of the double station meteors of 22-23 October 2016.


Not all of them are shown in figure 1, e.g. one epsilon Geminid ( (23) EGE ) and one October Ursae Minorid ( (241) OUI ) were captured by two or more of our stations.

Outstanding of course were the Orionids, as can be seen in figure 1 and in detail in figure 2 (with errors in radiant position shown).


Figure 2: Close up of the Orionid radiants obtained on 22-23 October 2016.