Greetings again all,
     I managed  to get in1.25 more hours Orionid observing in the pre-dawn on Wednesday morning from up on the meteor roof of my home in St. Augustine, Florida before low flying clouds rolled in quickly off the ocean and shut me down.
    Although it was evident that the Orionids are ramping down a bit, they still were in the double digit range and I had yet another busy and enjoyable albeit abbreviated watch.  Here’s my data:
Observed for radiants:
ORI: Orionids
AND: Andromedids
STA: Southern Taurids
EGE: epsilon Geminids
LMI: Leonis Minorids
SPO: sporadics
Date: Oct., 25/26, 2016. Observer: Paul Jones, Location:  5 miles southwest of St. Augustine, Florida, Lat: 29.84 N, Long:81.32W, LM: 5.8, sky conditions: 20% moonlight and cloud degradation, Facing: south.
0430 – 0545 EDT (0830 – 0945 UT), Teff: 1.25 hour, no breaks
12 ORI: +1, +2(2), +3(4), +4(4), +5
1 STA: +1
2 LMI: 0, +1
12 SPO: +2, +3(5), +4(6)
27 total meteors
4 of the 12 ORIs and 1 of the LMIs left visible trains, most common colors were bluish white and yellow in the brighter ones.
Once more I had two lovely bright members of the Leonis Minorids grace the latter part of the watch and the ORIs just refuse to quit!.  Back at it again in the morning!
Clear skies, Paul