Greetings again all,
    Once again Mother Nature allowed Brenda and I one more good look at the descending branch of the 2016 Orionids in the pre-dawn, me from St. Augustine, Florida and Brenda from Deltona, Florida..  Our continued good luck in the weather department is amazing and much appreciated!
    We each managed just one hour’s time on this morning, but the Orionids continue to break double digits on their hourly rate!  They simply will not quit it seems.  Here’s my data:
Observed for radiants:
ORI: Orionids
AND: Andromedids
STA: Southern Taurids
EGE: epsilon Geminids
LMI: Leonis Minorids
SPO: sporadics
Date: Oct., 26/27, 2016. Observer: Paul Jones, Location:  5 miles southwest of St. Augustine, Florida, Lat: 29.84 N, Long:81.32W, LM: 5.8, sky conditions: 20% moonlight and cloud degradation, Facing: south.
0515 – 0615 EDT (1015 – 1115 UT), Teff: 1.25 hour, no breaks
11 ORI: +1, +2(3), +3(3), +4(3), +5
1 STA: +2
1 EGE: +3
2 LMI: -1, +1
9 SPO: 0, +1, +2, +3(3), +4(2), +5
24 total meteors
4 of the 11 ORIs and 1 of the LMIs left visible trains, most common colors were bluish white and yellow in the brighter ones.
This hour started dead slow, but kicked in well during the last few minutes.  I had almost all the brighter meteors of all types hit in about the last ten minutes of the watch.  It was a great mini-show at the end, I’m just glad I was awake enough not to miss it…;o).!
Here’s Brenda’s report for her hour down in Deltona:
A little later than usual, but got my hour in this morning.
Date:  October 27, 2016
Time:  4:45-5:45 a.m.
Sky conditions:  4.0-4.5 magnitude. 75 per cent sky visible.
Orionids — 9
E. Gem  –1
Taurids –2
Sporadics — 4
Total — 16
Friday morning was clouded out, we’ll try once again in the morning.  So far for the entire year-to-date in 2016, I (Paul) have totaled 85 hours of meteor watching and recorded 2,804 meteors in all.  I’m shooting for over 100 hours of observing for the entire year and hoping to top 3,000 meteors!  The 2,804 I’ve recorded already in 2016 beats my previous personal best by a long shot.  Hopefully, the weather and my stamina can hold out…;o).
More later, Paul