Greetings again all,
      I’m still trying to play catch up on reporting all the meteor observations Brenda and I made this week for the post maximum of the 2016 Orionid Meteor Shower. This report is for our watches on Tuesday morning, Oct.,24/25, 2016.  Once again that morning, sky conditions were excellent despite the waning moon still affecting the sky somewhat.
    Brenda got in one hour and I managed two hours from up on the home “meteor roof” and we both had Orionid rates in the double digits before morning twilight, plus a host of other contributors also!.
Here’s my results:
Observed for radiants:
ORI: Orionids
AND: Andromedids
STA: Southern Taurids
EGE: epsilon Geminids
LMI: Leonis Minorids
SPO: sporadics
Date: Oct., 24/25, 2016. Observer: Paul Jones, Location:  5 miles southwest of St. Augustine, Florida, Lat: 29.84 N, Long:81.32W, LM: 5.8, sky conditions: 20% moonlight degradation, Facing: south.
0410 – 0510 EDT (0810 – 0910 UT), Teff: 1.0 hour, no breaks
12 ORI: 0, +2(2), +3(4), +4(4), +5
1 STA: +1
1 EGE: +2
10 SPO: +2(2), +3(6), +4(2)
24 total meteors
3 of the 12 ORIs left visible trains, most common colors were bluish white and yellow in the brighter ones.
0510 – 0610 EDT (0910 – 1010 UT), Teff: 1.0 hour, no breaks
15 ORI: -1, +1, +2(3), +3(4), +4(5), +5
2 STA: +2, +4
1 EGE: +1, +
2 LMI: -1, 0
8 SPO: 0, +1, +2(2), +3(4), +5(2)
28 total meteors
4 of the 15 Orionids left visible trains, as did both LMIs, the EGE and 1 STA, once again the most observed colors were bluish white and yellow.
     There were many bright and beautiful meteors of all types flying around in the second hour this morning!  It was great to catch two bright members of the Leonis Minorid Meteor Shower as well.  This minor stream is active for a week only during the Orionids, but produces some nice, bright and long-pathed meteors in the last hour before dawn hits.  I recall seeing a couple during last year’s Orionids as well.
Here’s Brenda’s results from Deltona, Florida:
Sky conditions were not the best but got out anyway to check on activity.
October 25, 2016
Time:  4:45-5:45 a.m.
Sky Conditions:  4.0 magnitude visible. Some cirrus cloud and haze. 60 percent of sky visible.
Orionids — 10
Sporadics — 7
S. Taurid — 1
Total — 18
More later, Paul