On the morning of 2016 December 6, at 4h15m (UT) a fireball lit up the sky over southern Norway. A ~ -17 magnitude fireball appeared over the Norwegian Sea. It was visible for 12 seconds and showed several explosions. Witnesses saw the fireball splitting into different parts.

The fireball was captured by three cameras of the Norwegian meteor network (Norsk meteornettverks) and the trajectory could be calculated as well as the orbit. The fireball started at 95.3 km and ended at 36..9 km at an entry velocity of 20 km/s. It is a sporadic with a radiant position at R.A. = 14.2° and decl. = +26.3°.


Source: Norsk meteornettverk


More information can be found: http://norskmeteornettverk.no/meteor/20161206/041504/