Exoss station on Espirito Santo state recorded a meteor fragmentation above Minas Gerais state Skies.

New Year has only begun and we have good news! A fireball video with many eyewitness. It Occurred in 2017, January 9th at 9:41 (GMT-3). This event was recorded by two Exoss project station in different cities: Colatina and Vitória ( ES – Capital), by the Exoss associates Luciana Fontes and Willian Eugênio.

As the bolide images were captured by doubled stations, the parallax calculation was applicable and the trajectory output data had more precise results than bolido.exoss.org report tool.

At first, the radiant source calculated was Epsilon Columbids – 098 ECO (IAU). After more accurate calculations, using qualities criteria, the output data has set the bolide as from sporadic source, and the following features determined:

  1. Mean velocity observed: 18 Km/s
  2. Deceleration : -4.92 km/sec
  3. Trajectory Length Time observed : 2,3 sec (not included all trajectory)
  4. Travelled Distance: 48,2 Km


The event presented a unusual peculiarity, multiple fragmentations eyewitnessed by observers. Unfortunately, Exoss cameras did not registered it, because the final trajectory was not recorded.