A bright slow moving fireball was captured above Denmark at 06h12m50s UT. It started at 78 km and ended at 50 km elevation with an entrance angle of 14°. The velocity was 19 km/s and the radiant was sporadic with R.A. at 132.3° and decl. +5.1°. The featured photo was registered at Hobro, Denmark (see top).

The orbit was of an asteroid type with:

  • q= 0.545 AU
  • e = 0.467
  • i = 6.8°
  • ω = 113.6°
  • Ω = 120.2

Figure: the fireball registered at Klokkerholm, Denmark.

The video can be from both camera stations can be viewed from:

Figure: The fireball path projected on the map.