Month: April 2017

Meteor Activity Outlook for 8-14 April 2017

During this period the moon reaches its full phase on Monday April 10th. At this time the moon is located opposite the sun and remains above the horizon all night long. This is the worst time of the month to try an view meteor activity as the bright moon will obscure all but the brightest meteors. Late in the period the hours just after dusk are free of moonlight but rates at this time are normally very low.

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 1-7 April 2017

During this period the moon reaches its first quarter phase on Monday April 3rd. At this time the half illuminated moon is located 90 degrees east of the sun and sets near 0300 local summer time (LST) as seen from mid-northern latitudes. This weekend is good for viewing meteor activity during the more productive morning hours as the moon will have set shortly after midnight. As the week progresses the window of opportunity to view under dark skies shrinks with each passing night as the moon sets later and later.

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