I was able to observe one more time after the Draconids outburst, to see if anything was going on before the long drive back home.  I did not expect to see any but as always with meteors, we never know.  After a very relaxing day, I decided to setup at the beach for a different view and also to try and get away from the mosquitoes.  The beach area is very long and there is a massive parking lot area lit by just one dim security light.  The local police was present with red cones all over the parking lot to practice driving maneuvers.  I decided to setup on the far end (east side) of the beach in a quiet spot that gave a beautiful open view of the sky and shrubs blocked the light.  Surprisingly, there were absolutely no mosquitoes at this spot.  The temperature was again unusually warm and muggy at 24C and the sky was clear but below-average transparency.  I could see the cirrus clouds in the west starting to rise so I knew that it would likely be a short session.  Due to the low clouds, it was easier to see the distant light domes of Marion, Fort Wayne and Huntington, but they were not too bad.

I was able to observe for two hours (from 8:45-10:45pm EDT), with varying amounts of thin clouds (10-20%) that came in and out of my field of view.  The first hour was very slow with only 3 sporadics.  The second hour surprised me with 3 sporadics and 3 Draconids.  This suggested that there was still a weak background activity.  The Draconids seemed to radiate from about the same position near the star Grumium in Draco at 17h49 (267) +56.  The brightest was a +1 low in the north but it was not so well seen due to the clouds.

October 9/10 2018, 00:45-02:45 UT (20:45-22:45 EDT)
Location: Lost Bridge State Recreation Area, Salamonie Lake, Indiana, USA
(Long: 85° 37’ 42″ W; Lat: 40° 46′ 3″ N)

Observed showers:
October Draconids (DRA) – 17:32 (263) +56
October Capricornids (OCC) – 20:28 (307) -09
Southern Taurids (STA) – 01:44 (026) +07
October Camelopardalids (OCT) – 11:13 (167) +78

00:45-01:45 UT (20:45-21:45 EDT); 3/5 trans; F 1.13; LM 6.10; facing NW60 deg; teff 1.00 hr
(20% clouds from 01:10-01:45)
DRA: none
Sporadics: three: +3; +4(2)
Total meteors: Three

01:45-02:45 UT (21:45-22:45 EDT); 3/5 trans; F 1.10; LM 6.10; facing NW60 deg; teff 1.00 hr
(10% clouds from 01:45-02:20, 20% clouds from 02:35-02:45)
DRA: three: +1; +3; +4
Sporadics: three: +3; +4; +5
Total meteors: Six

Clear skies,

Pierre Martin
Ottawa, Ontario