Month: December 2018

Meteor Activity Outlook for 15-21 December 2018

During this period the moon will reach its first quarter phase on Saturday December 15th. At this time the half-illuminated moon will set between 2300-0000 local standard time for observers in mid-northern latitudes. This will compromise evening observations of meteors but the more active morning hours will be unaffected. As the week progresses the waxing gibbous moon will set later and later, limiting the time of truly dark sky to the hours just before dawn.

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 8-14 December 2018

During this period the moon will wax from a slender crescent phase to nearly half illuminated. This will be a great time to view meteor activity as the moon will have set by the time the more active morning hours arrive. The moon will be present during the evening hours but successful meteor observing is still possible during this time by simply keeping the moon out of your field of view.

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