Month: June 2019

EDMOND and SonotaCo net

EDMOND and SonotaCo net use UFO software commonly but their published data show slight differences.  This paper gives the basic comparison between EDMOND and SonotaCo net results. The SonotaCo net data for 2007-2018 covers the...

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 29 June-5 July 2019

During this period the moon reaches its new phase on Tuesday July 2nd. On that date the moon is located near the sun and is invisible at night. This weekend the waning crescent moon will rise during the late morning hours but will not cause any problems for viewing meteor activity as long as you keep it out of your field of view.

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News from the meteor library

Roberto Gorelli points our attention at a recently published meteor related paper. Rising from Ashes or Dying Flash? Mega Outburst of Small Comet 289P/Blanpain in 2013 This paper has been submitted for publication by Quanzhi Ye...

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