A new standard work on meteors: a must have!

Galina Ryabova announced the publication of “Meteoroids, sources of meteors on Earth and beyond”, a new up-to-date standard work on meteor astronomy. The book can be pre-ordered at a discount rate now.

From the content:

Introduction: Meteor astronomy in the XXI century

Part I. Meteor physics:

  • Modelling the entry of meteoroids;
  • Physical and chemical properties of meteoroids;

Part II. Meteor observations on the Earth:

  • Radar observations of meteors;
  • Meteors and meteor showers as observed by optical techniques;

Part III. Meteors on the Moon and planets:

  • Extra-terrestrial meteors;
  • Impact flashes of meteoroids on the Moon;

Part IV. Interrelations:

  • From parent body to meteor shower: the dynamics of meteoroid streams;
  • Asteroid-meteoroid complexes;
  • Minor meteor showers and the sporadic background;
  • Interstellar meteoroids;

Part V. Hazard:

  • The meteoroid impact hazard for spacecraft;
  • Impact hazard of large meteoroids and small asteroids.



  • Galina O. Ryabova, Tomsk State University, Russian Federation
  • David J. Asher, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, U.K.
  • Margaret D. Campbell-Brown, University of Western Ontario, Canada

With contributions from:

  • Olga Popova
  • Jiri Borovicka
  • Margaret Campbell-Brown
  • Robert J. Macke
  • Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd
  • Frans J. M. Rietmeijer
  • Tomas Kohout
  • Johan Kero
  • Gunter Stober
  • Jorge Luis Chau
  • John David Mathews
  • Asta Pellinen-Wannberg
  • Pavel Koten
  • Jurgen Rendtel
  • Lukas Shrbeny
  • Peter Gural
  • Pavlo Kozak
  • Apostolos Christou
  • Jeremie Vaubaillion
  • Paul Withers
  • Ricardo Hueso
  • Rosemary Killen
  • Jose M. Madiedo
  • Jose L. Ortiz
  • Masahisa Yanagisawa
  • Jesus Aceituno
  • Francisco Aceituno
  • Lubos Neslusan
  • Aswin Sekhar
  • Regina Rudawska
  • Galina O. Ryabova
  • Toshihiro Kasuga
  • David Jewitt
  • Iwan P. Williams
  • Tadeusz J. Jopek
  • Juraj Toth
  • Leonard Kornos
  • Maria Hajdukova, Jr,
  • Veerle Sterken
  • Paul Wiegert
  • Gerhard Drolshagen
  • Althea Moorhead
  • Vladimir Svetsov,
  • Valery Shuvalov
  • Gareth Collins


Publication planned for November 2019

FORMAT: Hardback

ISBN: 9781108426718

For more information and to order a copy, visit: : https://www.cambridge.org/wm-ecommerce-web/academic/landingPage/METEOR20  (discount code = METEOR20 to get a 20% reduction on the price). The ordering form is a bit confusing as it switches between £ and US $ without discount. After adding shipment costs and TAV, you should get the 20% discount. Do not postpone as this is a short time temporary discount offer.