Electronic Telegram No. 4642 dated 29 June 2019 from the Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT) reports an outburst of the June epsilon Ophiuchids Meteor Shower (IAU shower 459, code JEO). Peter Jenniskens of the SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research Center reports that the outburst lasted from 2019 June 19d08h until 2019 June 26d05h UTC, with a total of eight-eight June epsilon Ophiuchids having been detected. Most activity was centered on 92.11 degrees solar longitude (J2000.0), according to Jenniskens.

The following CAMS networks contributed to the observations: CAMS New Zealand (coordinated by J. Baggaley), CAMS South Africa (coordinated by T. Cooper), CAMS BeNeLux (coordinated by C. Johannink), CAMS Florida (coordinated by A. Howell), LO-CAMS in Arizona (coordinated by N. Moskovitz), and CAMS California (coordinated by P. Jenniskens and D. Samuels).

According to the CBAT telegram, the shower’s orbital elements are similar to the Jupiter-family comet 300P/Catalina. It concludes that “the outburst confirms the existence of this otherwise minor shower and offers evidence of past activity of this body.”