Month: June 2020

Meteor Activity Outlook for 13-19 June 2020

During this period the moon reaches its last quarter phase on Saturday June 13th. At this time the moon will rise near 02:00 local summer time (LST) and will remain in the sky the remainder of the morning. This will compromise late morning viewing but successful meteor observations can still be attempted if one keeps the moon out of their field of view. As the week progresses the waning crescent moon will rise later each morning, becoming less of a problem with each passing night.

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Radio meteors in May 2020

An overview of the radio observations during May 2020 is given.   The graphs show both the daily totals (Figure 1) and the hourly numbers (Figure 2) of “all” reflections counted automatically, and of manually counted...

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 6-12 June 2020

During this period the moon’s phase wanes from full to nearly half illuminated. As the week progresses the waning gibbous moon will rise later each night, providing a small window of dark skies between dusk and moonrise. Unfortunately, meteor activity during this time of night is low, but this is offset by the opportunity for younger observers to view the dark evening sky prior to bedtime.

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