VIDEO – Meteor captured from CSIRO Research Vessel (RV) Investigator_Video © CSIRO

A research vessel belonging to  Australia’s national science research agency CSIRO, cruising 120 Km South of Hobart, Tasmania on a heading of 165° (SSE bound) captured this amazing fragmenting fireball at 21:21 AEDT on Wednesday, 18th November ( 10:21 UT).
Using a publicly available tracker tool ( (thanks to Angelo Dongas for finding that) we were able to calculate the ship’s location and orientation to surmise that the fireball was on a NNE to SSW trajectory until it disintegrated and extinguished further South over the Tasmanian sea. The green line is a rough estimation of the fireball’s attitude but isn’t exact in distance from observer.

Rough meteor trajectory

The meteor crosses the bow of the ship in the footage. This can be seen by comparing available imagery on this report on their site

Original at

The event was also reported at the Australian Meteor Reports Facebook group which has 27K enthusiastic members.

Media and info credited to  CSIRO: @CSIRO #RVInvestigator