Month: May 2021

Meteor Activity Outlook for 29 May-4 June 2021

During this period, the moon reaches its last quarter phase on Wednesday June 2nd. On this date the moon is located 90 degrees west of the sun and rises near 02:00 local summer time (LST). This weekend the waning gibbous moon will rise during the early evening hours and will create difficult conditions for view meteor activity the remainder of the night.

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February 2021 report CAMS BeNeLux

Abstract: A summary of the results of the CAMS BeNeLux network during the month February 2021 is presented. This month displayed a normal weather pattern for this time of the year without being exceptional bad or poor. In total...

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Radio Observations in April 2021

Ivan Sergei Mira Str.40-2, 222307, Molodechno Belarus   Abstract: This article presents the results of radio observations made in April 2021. The results of the radio observations are compared with the CAMS...

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 22-28 May 2021

During this period, the moon reaches its full phase on Wednesday May 26th. On this date the moon is located opposite the sun and remains above the horizon all night long. This weekend the waxing gibbous moon will set during the early morning hours, leaving a small opportunity to view in dark conditions between moon set and morning twilight.

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