Month: June 2021

Radio meteors in May 2021

An overview of the radio observations during May 2021 is given.   The graphs show both the daily totals (Figure 1) and the hourly numbers (Figure 2) of “all” reflections counted automatically, and of manually counted...

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 5-11 June 2021

During this period, the moon reaches its new phase on Thursday June 10th. On this date the moon is located near the sun and is invisible at night. This weekend the waning crescent moon will rise during the early morning hours but will not interfere with viewing meteor activity as long as it is not within your field of view.

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March 2021 report CAMS BeNeLux

Abstract: A summary of the activity of the CAMS BeNeLux network during the month of March 2021 is presented. 6397 multi-station meteors were reported, good for 1998 orbits, collected with a maximum of 91 operational cameras at...

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