Month: July 2021

Radio Observations in May 2021

Ivan Sergei Mira Str.40-2, 222307, Molodechno Belarus   Abstract: This article presents the results of radio observations made in May 2021. The results of the radio observations are compared with the CAMS...

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Radio meteors in June 2021

An overview of the radio observations during June 2021 is given.   The graphs show both the daily totals (Figure 1) and the hourly numbers (Figure 2) of “all” reflections counted automatically, and of manually counted...

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 3-9 July 2021

During this period, the moon reaches its new phase on Friday July 9th. At that time the moon is located near the sun and is invisible at night. This weekend a bright crescent moon will illuminate the morning sky. Successful meteor watches can still be held at this time as long as you keep the moon well out of your field of view. As the week progresses the moon becomes thinner and less of a problem until it disappears entirely into the morning twilight late in the period.

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