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Observation August 10/11 2016

Here’s a pre-peak Perseids watch for the morning of August 11 2016 at Bootland Farm.   Sky had average transparency but with some cirrus clouds covering the north.  It was a warm night at +20C and very humid but without any dew....

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Observation May 5/6 2016

I went out to Bootland Farm for a pre-dawn Eta Aquariids watch, and Shane Finnigan joined me.  The sky was really nice, and it was wonderful to hear a chorus of birds, owls, frogs and ducks.  It was a comfortable night to be out...

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Lyrids 2018: an analysis

Introduction The Lyrids in the BeNeLux were very successful. CAMS achieved some nice results and even the all sky cameras recorded a few Lyrids. The author could observe six nights during the period 15-23 April. Unfortunately,...

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