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Meteors and 2018 LF5

Abstract: Meteor orbits with D criterion similarity to the comet like orbit Amor Asteroid 2018 LF5 are presented and their potential association with known meteor showers discussed.     1 Method A list of known Near...

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Three Virginid showers

Abstract: Virginids were classified as an ecliptic shower or one of the ANT sources.  Recent developments of video meteor observations made it possible to distinguish minor showers from the background sporadics.  We investigated...

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Lyrids 2020 – Visual observation report from Norway

In the period from April 15. to April 21. 2020, the author was able to observe the Lyrids under almost perfectly clear skies for 7 nights in a row. This gave a unique opportunity to observe the ascending phase of Lyrid activity this year. A total of 186 meteors were observed visually, among these 44 Lyrids, in a total of 21,95 hours. Lyrid activity were detected from April 15 – 16 onwards, with less than one meteor an hour towards April 18 – 19. From April 19 – 20, a slight increase in rates were observed, continuing to increase in the night of April 20 – 21 towards the maximum. The highest rates were observed in a short 40-minute period between 22:58 and 23:38 on April 21 – 22, with 9 Lyrids observed. Rates then started to decline towards morning twilight on April 22.

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