On 23 September 2016 at 22:34:15 UT United Kingdom saw another fireball. Long overdue for one, in 2016 UKMON network captured only 4 fireballs. Much lower counts than other years.

This fireball was first spotted by public using IMO Fireball Report Form and quickly reported by UKMON’s first station in Ash Vale via Twitter and YouTube:

Then other UKMON stations confirmed the sighting:


Wilcot station SE


Hampshire Astronomy Group SE (Clanfield)

Klass Jobse also confirmed this fireball from All Sky Camera in Holland:


Preliminary calculations (without deceleration) show that meteor was a Sporadic one with -6.2 magnitude brightness. Initial velocity was 31.9 km/s at 107km.
Terminal altitude is estimated at around 50km. The final explosion was probably around -10 mag.


And of course we have Orbit estimation: